Core Values

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The following 6 Core Values will be taught, celebrated and modeled throughout the SOAR community. The Core Values are concepts that all members of the SOAR community will strive for: teachers, leaders, students, and families.

1. Excellence

We value striving for excellence every single day, in every single situation. We know that excellence is the result of purposefully learning from failures and challenges.

2. Diversity

We value the wealth of experiences and perspectives that our diverse community brings to SOAR, and know that understanding these different perspectives creates compassionate, critical thinkers and leaders.

3. Joy

We endeavor to find joy in every experience and undertaking. Our learning community is one that celebrates the joy of learning and personal discovery.

4. Arts are foundational

Arts integration demands creativity, problem-solving, perseverance, collaboration and the ability to work through the rigorous demands of multiple ideas and concepts woven together to create a final product. As a foundational component in our program, this provides the opportunities for teachers and students to create their own meaning.

5. Individual AND Community

We value our individuality, diverse perspectives and the power of community.

6. Continuous Growth Mindset

We get smarter and smarter through hard work and learning from failure; we value the small, persistent steps that it takes to be great; we know that greatness in anything is the result of continual practice over long periods of time