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SOAR Academy is focused on preparing our students for high school, college, career and beyond.
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As we grow and expand, the “Primary Academy” will consist of grades K-4, while the “Intermediate Academy” will consist of grades 5-8. Additionally, SOAR Academy embraces an arts-based education, with a particular focus on dance. The dance curriculum employed at SOAR progresses from grades Kinder through eighth by genres. Below is the programmatic description of our model:

Core Program Model

Primary Academy (Grades K-4) Intermediate Academy (Grades 5-8)
Whole School Approach
  1. Standards-Based, Aligned Curriculum
  2. Personalized Learning Plans
  3. Data-Driven Instruction and Planning
  4. Technology Enhanced Personalization
  5. Content Specialization
  6. Habits of Mind using Dance (arts) Integration daily
  7. Multi-tiered system of intervention
Academy Focus
  • Teacher-Centered Learning Environment
  • Direct Instruction and Content Mastery
  • Station Rotation classroom structures
  • Student-Centered Learning Environment
  • Group Work and Project-Based Learning
  • Flipped Classroom structure
Extended Learning Opportunities
  • Classroom-Selected Community Service Projects
  • Internships
  • Rite of Passage Portfolio