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2016 – 2017 Kindergarten and First Grade Supply List

For Your Consideration:

Over the years, we have found the following brand names to be of better quality and last longer: Crayola (crayons/markers/colored pencils), Elmer’s Glue, Ticonderoga (pencils), Expo (dry-erase markers), and Pink Pearl (erasers).

  • 2 College rule notebooks (1st and 2nd grade ONLY)
  • 1 College rule notebook and 1 Wide rule notebook (Kindergarten ONLY)
  • 2 Boxes of Ticonderoga pencils
  • 1 Box of 8 large Crayola crayons (regular colors) not jumbo
  • 2 Boxes of 24 skinny Crayola crayons (regular colors)
  • 8 Jumbo size Elmer’s glue sticks /not the regular size (no off brands please – dries out)
  • 1 pair of blunt tip child’s Fiskars scissors
  • 1 Box washable Crayola markers
  • 1 Package of Expo dry-erase markers (assorted colors)
  • 1 Box of sandwich size zipper plastic storage bags – Boys only
  • 1 Box of gallon size zipper plastic storage bags – Girls only
  • 1 Pump bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer
  • 1 Large box of tissue
  • 1 Baby wipes refill package
  • 1 Package of wide-ruled paper
  • 1 Regular sized hard plastic pencil box that snaps closed
  • 1 set of headphones for computer lab (place in a Ziploc bag labeled with the child’s name)
  • 1 Backpack labeled with your child’s name
  • 2 folders (not binders) for homework and notes home.

Please do not label the items above with your child’s name (unless otherwise specified); many items will be pooled as community supplies. (With the exception of your child’s backpack and headphones).


A change of clothes for emergencies (to be kept in your child’s backpack).